Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services by Zerone HiTech

Azure cloud computing platform, was created by Microsoft to help businesses build, deploy, and manage applications as well as services with the aid of the software giant’s global network of managed datacenters. Microsoft has established hundreds of data centers that are spread across 50 regions around the world and are equipped with extensive multi-layered protections. Further, the cloud computing platform offers both infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). In addition, it supports a number of different programming frameworks, languages, and tools. Moreover, the platform supports not only Microsoft-specific software and systems but also those that have been developed by third parties.

Services offered by Azure Cloud Computing

  • It can be used for creating websites using .NET, PHP, and Node.js, or other open source applications available on the gallery (includes Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering)
  • Businesses can create virtual machines (includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering) and exercise complete control when it comes to the operation of the datacenters
  • Cloud services also offer hosted applications for developing website and e-commerce solutions or processing orders and analyzing data
  • Data management can be done through SQL Database, BLOB Storage, and tables
  • Business analytics is made possible through SQL Reporting, Hadoop, and Data Marketplace

Businesses choose Azure for various reasons such as familiarity with Windows, applications that run on Azure also run on 64-bit virtual machines, the Azure software development kit provided by Microsoft, scalability, and flexibility, cloud datacenter, availability of support resources, security, interoperability, and cost benefits offered by their pricing model.

If you are wondering as to what Zerone has to do with Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, then you must know that the leading systems integration company is Microsoft’s Partner for implementation of cloud, ERP, and productivity solutions for businesses. The company has realized the importance of IT and cloud solutions in the 21st century and have equipped themselves with the technical know-how to help organizations maintain their competitive advantage.

Zerone is familiar with the deployment of Microsoft programming tools and this enables them to customize solutions in the best possible manner. In addition, the company provides several integrated tools, software, and third-party systems in order to help their customers overcome all types of computational challenges.

As Microsoft’s partner for Azure, Zerone meets with prospective customers to understand their requirements and submits quotes for providing personalized solutions. After selling the product, the company’s team of technology experts provides all the support services, including the implementation of network and cloud computing solutions to the clients. Zerone makes sure that at the time of implementation of the solutions at the client’s site, there are no disruptions to the normal operation of their business. In addition, the company ensures that the solutions are implemented as quickly as possible.

Summarizing, it is Zerone’s strong technological capability that makes it possible for them to provide advanced, intelligent, secure, and scalable solutions on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and help today’s businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.