A company that faces some kind of problems is a matter of concern. However, with constant research throughout years complemented by progress in technology, it has become simple to handle all kinds of problems in a business organization. New techniques have developed and new systems that enable a toppling business to gain firm ground without taxing human brains. Enterprise resource planning ( ERP) and customer relationship management ( CRM ) are two such new techniques that have proved to be very beneficial to business units, especially the small and mid-sized units that are preparing for growth. Computer systems have further made these applications not only simple but automatic. They are popularly mentioned as business solutions. Microsoft Dynamics is one such business solution. A number of activities go on in various departments of a business organization. Microsoft Dynamics integrates the activities and gives momentum to the business activities.


Microsoft Dynamics AX

The nature of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is part of Microsoft Business Solutions. It is an advanced solution that suits the specific needs of an organization. Thus, it is in line with ERP. An ERP solution system embraces all sections of an enterprise. It consists of modules, such as financial accounting system, human resource management system etc. each department or section has its own way of working. It is difficult and challenging to coordinate activities of several departments and bring them on a common plane so that they can work together. For example HR and Finance are two departments in a typical business unit. They usually have their own computer system optimized for their specific tasks. ERP takes these distinctly different tools and combines them together into a single database. The end result is that the various departments can easily share information and communicate better with one another. In this way, Microsoft Dynamics can bring about co-ordination, co-operation and collaboration with regard to HR, finance, sales and marketing, operations management, all along the hierarchy, creating a central bond that is essential for integration of business activities.

Microsoft Dynamics products

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX– a multi-language, multi-currency ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is the on-premises enterprise resource planning ERP software solution for your organization. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the comprehensive, core functionality for financial applications, human resource applications, and also for operations management. Zerone HiTech is a  is a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, India.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP – It helps to manage, finance, supply chain and employees.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV – It has similar functions as Microsoft GP and in addition, it features multi-languages and multi-currencies.
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL – It supports growth of business in the future.
  • Microsoft Dynamics C5 – It assists with finance, manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – It is an application for managing customer relationships, sold separately, either as on-premises software or CRM online as a service.

Today, a large number of organizations are offering ERP software to different industries to enhance business efficiency and increase profits, in a cost-effective manner.  Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics AX are delivered through a network of reselling partners who provide specialized services.

Zerone HiTech is a selective Microsoft Dynamics service provider in Qatar that brings the latest authentic Microsoft Dynamics services to your doorstep. It focuses on retail, service industries, manufacturing, financial and public sector industries. A cooperative partner to work with, Zerone makes your problems its own and in a short period of time, sets your unit on the path of progress with the aid of Microsoft Dynamics software