Technology pervades every area of life today, including business. The world is engaged in incorporating technology in every system and bridging the gap between business and technology. Transforming every business function from manual to automatic and digital is a massive global drive and companies the world over are participating actively. However, this is not a simple task, especially for business houses that are small in size. It requires special software and service centres that are too expensive to install on campus. However, it has provided lucrative ground for business solution providers. Every kind of business activity can be outsourced to solution providers who specialize in those activities and possess technical know-how, trained staff and specialized software and infrastructure for providing services. This system ensures quality and quick work, safe and reliable. One such solution that every company of any size needs is document management or data management.

Zerone HiTech in Qatar is a number one DMS provider that helps a business enterprise to plan, streamline process flows and delete the redundancies in the existing system. Zerone HiTech provides the following DMS functions to enable your business to run smoothly:

  • Analysis – A major part of company data lies scattered in the form of emails, faxes, attachments etc. the data is analysed, critical data is identified and stored, updated regularly, changes are tracked and safely saved for optimal operations, reducing costs on printing, distributing and mailing. The needs of the company are also analysed.
  • Design – the trained staff at Zerone HiTech design a suitable form for organization and classification of data by understanding the needs of the company.
  • Training – the company and DMS provider work in collaboration to make the best of DMS management. The staff at Zerone HiTech helps the company people who handle the data to unlock the real value of critical information contained in the documents. Constant communication with the service provider is essential for quick access to data when needed.
  • Implementation – The plan of DMS is implemented on the basis of analysis and design, after thorough training is conducted. This is the most important step in the process when the actual, real time data is segregated and stored safely using servers outside the company premises to maintain security and back-up.
  • Support – Last but not the least, every kind of support related to DMS is provided by Zerone HiTech after implementation of the process. Zerone HiTech has a proud history of 24 hours online support to clients, which makes it one of the preferred DMS solution providers in Qatar.

One has to admit the need for a DMS solution provider for an expanding business organization. While the entire world is going digital, you cannot shut your eyes to the fact, neglect it and continue the manual system. A business unit after all, is not an isolated entity; it cannot prosper without depending on other businesses. When all others around you are changing you have to change sooner or later. It is wise to be wary while adapting to something new. You must choose your DMS solutions partner after checking the credentials.

Without doubt, Zerone HiTech is the best choice when it comes to DMS solutions, with a track record of satisfactory service to several companies.