Microsoft Cloud Partner: competency in consistency.

In the past couple of years enterprises have started walking on a new road in terms of operating and managing business activities. Cloud computing is the new in trend or rather the new hero when it comes to rescuing businesses from stagnancy and falling behind. Being on par with the rest of the players of the industry or to even survive in a particular industry it is very essential that the enterprises use all effective methods at their disposal. And what’s more effective today than the famed Microsoft cloud solutions. And to avail the impressive cloud solutions and services the first step is to find the Microsoft cloud partner that’s equally impressive.



Why do you need a Microsoft cloud partner?

Microsoft has a huge long network of partners and it makes complete sense. As enterprises from all around the globe ask for enhanced IT solutions, tailored for their enterprise the web grows and new partners emerge.
Zerone HiTech is Microsoft cloud partner in Qatar and offers all kinds of business related solutions to organizations to create a levelled playing field.

Microsoft cloud partner offers affordable and apt servers, services and apps for their customers. The mark of an efficient enterprise starts from their ability to get more done in a limited budget. Microsoft cloud partner- Zerone HiTech ensures all your data on the cloud, this saves costs in the most obvious ways- office storage space, file cupboards, managers etc. and also in new unconventional ways- on training costs, set up, online management.

Zerone HiTech as Microsoft cloud partner provides servers with back-ups, VPN connections, SAN storage and firewalls. It provides for private secure IaaS (infrastructure as a software) to help enterprises host several business database applications like CRM, ERP, office 365 and other e commerce websites. With all business activities related to company data handled from searching, managing, arranging, accessing information, saving data, sharing records etc. to managing customer relationships and increasing the sales and productivity by getting closer with the general public.

Enterprise resource planning help simplify hard tasks and eases redundant work on the employees so that they can concentrate on the main business and focus on core activities. Microsoft cloud partners offer ERP softwares that use the present working data of your enterprise to predict a great deal. With an idea of what the market holds, the enterprises can make quick policies and decisions to increase productivity. When you upgrade to a better on cloud software you give yourself a better chance in your industry. It reduces wait time by instantly sharing messages & data.

Crimes found a way in the online world not very late after the inception of the internet. Security and safety issues stand in the way of most organizations opting for cloud solutions. Microsoft cloud partners offer on point licensed solutions to your cybercrime issues. Since Microsoft cloud partners concentrate on their clientele while providing solutions they take special care to ensure the consistent good reputation of softwares.